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We Will Create the Best Food Experiences for Your Trip to Japan!

Japan Food Guide is an online platform that enables visitors to Japan to easily make reservations at restaurants and book food experiences.
Our platform offers more than just restaurant reservations—users can also book food experiences, such as sushi-making, Japanese sweets-making, sake brewery tours, and gourmet tours.

With us, you do not need to speak Japanese or communicate in Japanese with the restaurant staff to make a reservation.
Japan Food Guide allows you to make reservations without relying on a friend or hotel concierge.
Don't give up on visiting your favorite restaurants in Japan!

In 2013, Japanese cuisine, the traditional food culture of the Japanese people, was registered as a UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage.
Japan Food Guide also offers a variety of content to help you learn more about Japanese cuisine and Japanese food culture.
Some restaurants and stores in Japan have more than a century of history. You will be able to learn and experience the unique history and traditions of Japan.
Japan is known to have one of the highest life expectancies in the world, and Japanese food is believed to be one of the secrets of longevity.

Japan Food Guide aims to make it easier for tourists visiting Japan to book restaurants and food experiences.
You can find carefully selected restaurants and food experiences that match your preferences based on the type of food you want, the location you plan to visit, the food you want to try, and your budget.
Our listed restaurants include not only Michelin Guide-listed or well-known restaurants, but also those loved by locals.
We aim to be a reliable service by providing functions like user reviews to help you choose restaurants and food experiences.

Japan Food Guide will aid you in creating your own unique food experience!

The Charms of Japanese Food

Foods of the Seasons

Japan has all four seasons.
You will find seasonal vegetables, fruits, and seafoods that will make you relish the unique flavors of each season.
Although Japan is well-known for its sushi and sashimi, there are plenty of other delicious dishes beyond seafood.
A diverse range of high-quality fruits and vegetables are produced throughout Japan.
Wagyu beef is renowned as the most famous beef in Japan. However, other livestock products are also produced with great attention to detail.
Kobe Beef and Matsusaka Beef are the best-known wagyu beef brands in Japan, but numerous other brands are also available throughout the country.
You will also find a variety of globally renowned brands of high-quality pork and chicken.

The Chef's Art

Japanese cuisine is crafted by chefs who possess extensive knowledge and skills in selecting ingredients and preparing dishes.
Chefs are experts and connoisseurs of ingredients, paying particular attention to each ingredient's origin for every season.
In Japan, there are five primary cooking methods: raw (cut), boil, grill, steam, and fry. Utilizing these methods, Japanese cuisine is prepared by bringing out the true flavors of the ingredients.
Another characteristic of Japanese food is the umami (savory) flavor.
The use of minimal seasoning brings out the inherent flavors of the ingredients, and the skillful use of umami flavor creates the unique and delicate taste of Japanese cuisine.
Dishes are crafted to please all five senses, not only taste but also the other senses through its appearance and aroma.
Please be sure to enjoy authentic Japanese cuisine (washoku) in Japan.

Traditions and Challenges

Japanese restaurants are often known for their long-established history.
Some restaurants and stores have been in business for over a century.
They are traditional and prestigious, and have been beloved throughout the ages.

In addition to Japanese food, you can also enjoy other cuisines that have evolved in their own unique way in Japan.
For example, Chinese, Italian, and French cuisines have been enriched by incorporating the flavors and techniques of Japanese cuisine.
Those chefs train in Asia or Europe and return to Japan to work in restaurants.
Fusing traditional cooking techniques from the original country with Japanese cuisine is innovative and offers fresh inspiration.

Our Value


Dining is one of the highlights of travel, and we want our guests to enjoy uniquely Japanese food experiences.
Sushi, tempura, and ramen are popular Japanese dishes that are well-known worldwide, but there are numerous others.
We have offered a variety of contents to discover Japanese cuisine and you will get to know Japanese food culture and cooking techniques.
Japan Food Guide offers carefully selected, authentic and enjoyable food experiences.
Please enjoy all the "amazings", "wows", and "delicious (oishii)" that Japan has to offer!


One of the inconveniences of traveling to Japan is the problem of language barriers.
Japan Food Guide does not require Japanese to make restaurant reservations or book food experiences.
With our simple and friendly design, you can locate and reserve a restaurant with ease.
Our website is created with a mobile-first approach, making it easier to use while traveling in Japan.
Carry the best guidebook, Japan Food Guide, in the palm of your hand!

“Local Experiences”

Japan Food Guide features not only renowned restaurants like the ones listed in the Michelin Guide, but also numerous local restaurants and food experiences.
While they may not be famous, we list restaurants and food experiences that give you a glimpse into the culture and unique features of the area, as well as the lives of the locals who reside there.
Some places may not be fully prepared to provide foreign language support, but you will always be welcomed with the Japanese hospitality known as “omotenashi.”
An unforgettable and irreplaceable experience awaits you. Be sure to enjoy your many interactions with a variety of people through your food experience.