Japan Food Guide Privacy Policy

CS-C, Co., Ltd. (“the Company”), who provides the online service “Japan Food Guide” (“the Service”), collects and processes the personal data of individuals who use the Service (“users”) in connection with the Service. The Company shall comply with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other applicable data protection laws in Japan and process the user’s data following the Japan Food Guide Privacy Policy (“this Privacy Policy”).

This Privacy Policy applies to all personal data processing performed by the Company in relation to the Service, regardless of the country or region in which the user is located.
  • Types of Personal Data Collected

    The types of personal data collected by the Company consist of the following. Although the user is not statutorily or contractually required to provide such personal data to the Company, if the user does not share such personal data, the Company may not be able to provide all Service features. Under any circumstances, the Company shall collect the user’s personal data through lawful and appropriate means and shall not obtain personal data by inappropriate methods.

    1. Personal data provided by users
    The Company collects the following types of information from users upon registering as members, making restaurant reservations, submitting inquiries, or filling out online surveys and such conducted by the Company to improve the Service.
    • Name
    • Email address
    • Country where the user is located
    • Phone number
    • Reservation details
    • Inquiry details
    • Survey responses
    • Other information voluntarily provided by the user to the Company
    2. Personal data automatically obtained from the user's device
    The Company automatically obtains the following information from user's device connecting to the website where the Service is provided (“the Website”). See “8. Use of Cookies” for further details regarding personal data collection using cookies.
    • Technical information such as OS and browser type and version and language settings
    • Detailed device location information (provided that the user has authorized the use of location information by the Website in the device settings)
    • Online identifiers such as cookie IDs
    • Device identifiers
    • Information such as the user's browsing and search history on the Website and other websites
    - Processing of payment information
    The Website uses third-party payment services to process reservation payments for restaurants and food experience events made through the Service. Payment information provided by the user, such as credit card information, will be sent directly to the payment service provider selected by the user and will not be viewed or obtained by the Company.
    - Personal data of minors
    The Company shall not knowingly collect or process personal data from any person under 16 years of age without the consent of their parent or guardian. If the Company learns that it has collected or processed the personal data of any person under 16 years of age, it shall delete such data as quickly as possible. If a parent or guardian becomes aware that their child under 16 has provided the Company with personal data, they should notify the Company immediately using the contact information provided in “10. Contact Information.”
  • Purposes of Collecting and Processing Personal Data

    The Company collects and processes the user’s personal data for the following purposes:

    1. Provision of services
    To provide the Service, such as searching for and browsing information on restaurants and food experience events, making reservations for such services, and managing and canceling those reservations (including customizing the restaurants and food experience events to be displayed and the order in which they are displayed within the Service based on the country where the user is located and other attributes). To provide relevant services at the user's request, such as the distribution of email newsletters. To manage the user's information, to inform the user of necessary matters, and to bill the user in relation to the above services.
    2. Ensuring security
    To monitor and prevent unauthorized use of the Service and to otherwise ensure security.
    3. Research and analysis
    To survey and analyze user usage of the Service and generate statistical information to provide higher-quality services to users and develop new services.
    4. Marketing
    To conduct marketing activities, such as delivering advertisements catered to the user's interests within and outside of the Service based on the country where the user is located, user attributes, browsing history, reservation history, and other information.

    The Company shall, in principle, collect and process the user's personal data within the scope of the purposes specified above and obtain the user's prior consent when using such data for purposes other than those set out above, except as permitted by law.

  • Disclosure of User Data

    In connection with the preceding purposes of collecting and processing personal data, the Company may disclose the user’s data to third parties as described below, to the extent permitted by law.

    1. Disclosure to service providers
    The Company discloses the user’s personal data to service providers who provide services to the Company. This includes the following cases:
    1. The Company discloses data to advertisement distribution service providers for cross-targeting advertising marketing.
    2. The Company discloses data to traffic analytics providers to analyze user usage of the Service, such as browsing history and reservation history, and the access status of cross-targeting advertising.
    3. The Company discloses data when the Company uses tools provided by third-party vendors for the purpose of managing user registration and reservation information or otherwise providing the Service.
    4. The Company discloses data to vendors who develop and operate the system of the Service or provide related support.
    2. Disclosure to restaurants, etc.
    The Company discloses user registration information, etc., necessary for making a reservation to operators of restaurants or food experience events for which the user has requested a reservation.
    3. Disclosure based on legal reasons
    The Company discloses personal data to public authorities, including administrative agencies and courts, or other third parties for protecting the legal rights of the Company or third parties, or in compliance with laws and regulations or requests from public authorities.

    The Company may provide third parties with statistical information generated from user personal data.

  • Transference of Personal Data Outside Japan

    The user’s personal data, in principle, is stored in Japan. Note, however, that in exceptional cases, to the extent necessary for the purposes prescribed in “2. Purposes of Collecting and Processing Personal Data” above, or permitted by law, the user’s data may be transferred to and stored in countries or regions outside Japan, which may not have the same level of data protection legislation as Japan. In such cases, the Company will take appropriate protective measures, such as entering into contracts and conducting continuous supervision, to protect the user’s personal data and collect and process such data under applicable laws and regulations. For any questions regarding the details of the protective measures taken by the Company, contact the Company using the contact information provided in “10. Contact Information.”

  • Retention Period and Deletion

    The Company will not retain the user’s personal data for longer than the period necessary to process such data specified in “2. Purposes of Collecting and Processing Personal Data” or after the specific purposes for which the personal data was collected no longer exist. However, if applicable laws and regulations require the retention of personal data, the Company will comply with such statutes.

  • Security

    To prevent personal data leakage, loss, damage, or other accidents, the Company will strictly manage personal data by taking appropriate security control measures, including technical and organizational measures.

  • User Rights

    In accordance with applicable data protection laws, users may have certain rights regarding their personal data, such as the right to request disclosure of their personal data and the right to correct, add, or delete such data. These rights must be exercised under applicable data protection laws. Users can correct, add, or delete their personal data on the “View or Change Registered Information” page【https://japan-food.guide/user/profile/edit】. Users may submit any other requests via the contact page【https://japan-food.guide/inquiry/new】. Upon confirmation of the user's identity, the Company will respond to the user's request as soon as possible, subject to applicable data protection laws.

  • Usage of Cookies

    The Company and third parties authorized by the Company use cookies on the Website to obtain browsing history and other data from the user’s browser. Refer to the following page for further details.

    - Usage of Google Analytics
    Google Analytics uses cookies to collect logs of user activities on the Website. See the instructions on Google's website for more information about the use of information collected by Google Analytics (https://policies.google.com/technologies/partner-sites?hl=ja).

  • Revisions to this Privacy Policy

    The Company will review this Privacy Policy as necessary and update it regularly to reflect user feedback, changes in company operations, or comply with changes in the Company's legal obligations. Upon revising this Privacy Policy, the Company will update the last updated date indicated at the end of the Policy. Should the Company make any material changes to this Privacy Policy or to how it handles the user's personal data (including changes to the purposes for processing the user's personal data or the types of personal data processed), users will be notified of such changes via the Website or an email notification prior to the implementation of such changes. Users are encouraged to review this Privacy Policy periodically to learn how the Company protects the user's information.

  • Contact Information

    For any questions or requests regarding this Privacy Policy or the Company's processing of personal data, contact the Company via the contact page【https://japan-food.guide/inquiry/new】.