Cancellation and Refund Policy

The following Cancellation and Refund Policy will apply for the usage of “Japan Food Guide” (“this Website”).
  • Restaurant and Food Experience Reservations

    Restaurant cancellation times are determined at the time zone of the business owner (Japan Standard Time/GMT +8).
    Two reservation types can be made for restaurants and food experiences (depending on the service provider).
    ・ “Request Reservation”
    Request reservations require the service provider to manually accept or deny the request upon the user filing for a reservation.
    Request reservations can be made until noon the day before the desired reservation time (Japan Standard Time).
    Service providers will answer within 24 hours of submitting the reservation request. Please await contact from the service provider for the confirmation of your reservation.
    ・ “Immediate Reservations”
    Immediate reservations are automatically booked upon completion of the user filing for a reservation.
    Immediate reservations, while the reservation deadline time differs between service providers, can be made on the day of the desired reservation date.
    To avoid mistakes, the reservation date and time may be checked via the confirmation email or reservation history from the member page.
    However, as stated in the following section, the payment of cancellation fees and the refund of reservation fees will be carried out following the cancellation policy set by the service provider for each store. Therefore, if a reservation is canceled shortly before the reservation, there is a high possibility that the cancellation fee will be 100%. In such cases, users will not have the right to receive a refund.

  • Reservation Cancellation Policy

    Users can cancel reservations for restaurants and food experiences through this Website.
    In the event of this, a cancellation fee will be paid according to the service provider's cancellation policy.
    As a courtesy to the service provider, please avoid canceling on the day of or immediately before the reservation.
    The service providers prepare for the user's visit by the day of the reservation. Therefore, cancellations may lead to the waste of ingredients and potential loss of revenue.

    ・ Reservation Cancellation Method
    Reservation cancellations can be made on the member page of this Website.
    Cancellations can be processed through the member page up to the day of the reservation. Please remember to follow the cancellation process when deciding upon canceling.
    ・ User Refunds
    Users may receive a refund of the payment based on the store’s decided cancellation policy and upon paying any required cancellation fees.
    Additionally, this Website will collect 3.6% of the reservation payment as an administration fee.
    When refunds are made, they are issued after subtracting the cancellation fee determined by the store and the administration fee from the total. Note that the time necessary to process the refund differs between credit card companies and banks. We apologize for the inconvenience; please contact the bank or credit card company directly for such inquiries.

  • “No-shows”

    When arriving at the restaurant or food experience meeting location, please relay your reservation number, name, or other relevant reservation information and that the reservation has been made through Japan Food Guide.
    If the user fails to arrive after the set reservation time, it may be deemed a no-show without the possibility of a refund; the user may lose the right to receive those products or services.
    Please be sure that on top of strictly following the set reservation times, if something arises where the user ends up being late, please get in touch with the service provider directly.
    Note, depending on the store's cancellation policy, failure to arrive at the reserved time, whether the user contacts ahead of time or not, may be treated as a cancellation on the day.
    Please be aware that if two "no-shows" are recorded within a twelve-month period, the user's member account will be suspended.

  • Service Provider Cancellations

    Please note that food experiences may be canceled and stores may change business hours or close due to weather, natural disasters, mechanical failure, or public utility problems.
    If this should occur, the cancellation will be processed by the service provider, and the product price will be refunded.

  • Refunds

    As stated above, cancellation will be processed by the service provider, and the product price will be refunded.
    Cancellation processes can be checked from the member page.
    If a cancellation is made due to circumstances on the service provider's end and the cancellation process does not appear, please contact the service provider directly.