Japan Food Guide Terms of Service (For Users)

  • Agreement to the Terms of Service
    1. CS-C, Co., Ltd. (“the Company”), who runs and manages the website “Japan Food Guide” (“the Website”), set the following Japan Food Guide Terms of Service (“this Agreement”) for the utilization of the Website.
    2. Regardless of whether they have registered as members, individuals who use Japan Food Guide (“users”) will do so upon agreeing to these Terms of Service. If agreement to these terms is declined, access to this service will be unavailable.
    3. If the user is a minor, obtaining permission from a parent or legal representative prior to utilizing this service is required.
    4. This Agreement is to be published on the Website and will always be implemented in its most recent version.
  • Service Description
    1. The service provided on the Website is an online platform service ("this Service") that is mainly targeted toward visitors to Japan from overseas to provide information concerning Japanese cuisine or food experiences of said cuisine, a reservation service for domestic restaurants and food experiences, etc.
      Users of this Service will be permitted to utilize the services provided in the following items.
      1. The collection of information regarding Japanese cuisine and Japanese food culture and information regarding services for food experiences.
      2. Searching and browsing the restaurants and food services published for this Service.
      3. The reservation and cancellation of reservations to the restaurants and food experiences published for this Service.
    2. The terminology for this Service is defined as the following:
      • “Restaurant” is an establishment providing food and or beverages, including stores selling food products not to be partaken of inside. There are restaurants where reservations can and cannot be made through this Service.
      • A “food experience” consists of a service provider sharing a hands-on experience concerning dining, including food tours, cooking experiences, dining experiences, tasting, and so on.
      • A “service provider” is a company or individual that plans and introduces menus from restaurants and food experiences based on the user's reservation.
      • A “meal ticket” is a cash voucher for the restaurant's items at the cash value paid for through this Service. The restaurants where they will be used are specified during the purchase. Meal tickets are effective until the day of the reservation (however, if the reservation date is over six months from the day following the purchase date, it is usable until the day before the relevant six-month period.); they become invalid after that specified date and cannot be used.
    3. "Request Reservations" and "Immediate Reservations" are the reservation methods available for the restaurants and food experiences published in this Service. Please confirm on the published restaurant or food experience page or with the service provider directly for the available reservation method.
      • “Request reservations” require the service provider to manually accept or deny the request upon the user filing for a reservation. Please await contact from the service provider for the confirmation of your reservation.
      • “Immediate reservations” are automatically booked upon completion of the user filing for a reservation.
    4. Restaurant cancellation times are determined at the timezone of the business owner (Japan Standard Time/GMT +8).
    5. Please directly contact the service provider for concerns regarding available items, services, details published on this Website, the service provider's handling of personal information, and so on.
    6. The Company, through this Service, retains the right to display third-party advertisements.
  • Agreement with the Service Provider
    1. All transactions performed through this Service are directly between the user and the service provider. The Company is not a related party and is not liable for any possible losses from the transactions.
      In the event of trouble with a transaction occurring, it will need to be resolved directly between the user and the service provider.
    2. The user agrees that certain personal information they provide us concerning the reservation of this Service may be shared in whole or in part with the service provider and that the Company may use this information to provide the service. The service provider is to handle any user personal information the Company shares independently. The Company is not liable for any damages to the user caused by the service provider's handling of the user's personal information.
    3. The user may contact the service provider as required for receiving the service.
  • Payment for Dining Locations and Food Experiences
    1. When making a reservation for a restaurant or food experience using this Service, all fees detailed in the restaurant reservation or food experience fees are to be paid at the time of reservation. The payment will be made using a credit card or other cashless services ("payment method").
    2. This service uses the safe processing service provided by Stripe for processing credit card charges for Visa, Mastercard, American Express, etc. Additionally, by using the Stripe payment service, the Company will not obtain or hold the user's credit card information.
      Payment methods that can be used in this Service are limited to those issued in the user's name. Users are not to engage in unauthorized use of another person's credit card or similar means of payment, input false credit card information, or any other fraudulent activities.
      If the user performs any fraudulent activity, the Company retains the right to seek compensation for damages.
    3. If the payment method used by the user is refused by the card company, etc., or for any reason determined by us to be fraudulent according to the previous paragraph, the Company may, without obtaining the user's consent, take necessary measures such as changing the payment method, canceling the reservation, or any other required actions. Note that the Company is not liable for any damages incurred to the user in this event.
    4. Users who have purchased meal tickets for restaurants are not required to pay the restaurant for the ordered food and beverages, etc., on the day of use (reservation date) if the total amount falls within the face value of the meal ticket. However, the Company will not refund any difference between the actual cost of the ordered items and the face value of the meal ticket.
      If the total amount for the ordered food and beverages, etc., exceeds the face value of the meal ticket, the user will be required to pay the remaining amount to the location via the established currency or other accepted payment methods. The user is to confirm the accepted payment methods with the service provider in advance. The Company is not liable for any additional charges.
  • Reservation Cancellations
    1. If the user cancels the reservation for the restaurant or food experience made through this Service after it is confirmed, it must be canceled through this Service or by directly contacting the service provider.
      Additionally, as the details of the reservation cannot be changed after confirmation, it will need to be canceled and resubmitted with the new information.
    2. When a cancellation is performed using the process mentioned in the previous paragraph, the user will be charged a cancellation fee to the service provider and an administration fee to the Company by the separately stipulated Cancellation Policy.
      The same applies to cancellations not following the abovementioned process, where the user did not use the restaurant and food experience at the reserved time (“cancellation without notice”).
      Additionally, cancellation fee payments are to be made utilizing the payment method used when making the reservation for the restaurant or food experience.
      Note, if payment of the cancellation fee cannot be processed due to the payment method being refused by the card company, etc., or for any other reason, the user is to transfer the cancellation fee amount (with the transfer fee being the user's responsibility) to a bank account specified by the Company.
  • Membership Registration
    1. To be able to make restaurant or food experience reservations utilizing this Service, users are required to agree to and adhere to this Agreement and register the designated information to this Service (“member information”). Users who have registered as members are referred to as “members.”
    2. The user must perform the registration mentioned above themselves. Registration via a proxy will not be recognized.
      Additionally, the information entered for registration must be truthful and current information concerning the user. If there is any change to the information given, the member information must be updated as soon as possible.
      The Company is not liable for any damages brought by incorrect registered information or delayed member information updates.
    3. Users under 16 are not permitted to register for membership with this Website. If a user registered as a member with this Website is determined to be under 16, the Company shall, at its discretion, take measures such as deleting said membership.
    4. The Company reserves the right to refuse member registration if the member is deemed inappropriate according to the Company's judgment. Additionally, membership may be deleted if the member is considered inappropriate after completing registration. The Company is not required to explain not accepting a member registration or deleting a membership.
    5. Members must manage and securely store their member ID and password for this Service. They must not allow third parties to use, lend, transfer, give, change the name, or buy and sell this information.
      Additionally, actions performed using the member ID and password are deemed by the Company to be actions made by the members.
  • Withdrawal, Suspending Usage, etc.
    1. If the member desires to withdraw membership, the Company must be notified through the predetermined method.
      In this event, the member information held by the Company will be processed by the Personal Information Protection Act, relevant laws, and Privacy Policy.
    2. If the member breaks this Agreement, or the Company has reason to believe the member has broken it, the Company will suspend or delete the membership without prior notice.
    3. A member who logs into the service with an account provided by another company will no longer be able to use the service via that account if it is deleted and authentication by the providing company cannot be obtained. Please take this into consideration.
    4. If two "no-shows" (cancellations without notice) are recorded within twelve months, the user's member account will be suspended.
  • Usage of this Service
    1. The user is responsible for preparing the communications environment, hardware, etc. (“user environment”) necessary for the utilization of this Service at their own expense.
      Note that any communications or other costs brought about by using this Service are to be paid at the user's expense. Additionally, the Company is not required to change or modify this Service if the user environment is not fitting for usage of this Service.
    2. Upon completion of member registration as described in Article 6, the user agreement for this Service following the regulations set by this Agreement (“the Service Contract”) between the user and the Company is established, and the member will be allowed to use this Service as determined by the Company.
    3. If a service provider goes out of business or if the service provider ends its partnership with this Service, the user will no longer be able to use that service provider. The Company is not liable for any damages the user assumes in this event.
  • Suspending Service, etc.
    1. The Company may partially or entirely halt or suspend this Service for system evaluations or maintenance work without prior user notice.
    2. The Company is not liable for any damages incurred to users or third parties from the abovementioned measures.
  • Changes in Contents, Cancellation, and Completion of this Service
    1. The Company reserves the right to partially or entirely alter the contents of, suspend, or end this Service without prior notice to the users.
      However, a notification will be sent via the specified method if the Company ends this Service altogether.
    2. The Company is not liable for any damages incurred to users or third parties due to this Service's changes, suspension, or ending.
  • Changes in the Contract
    1. The Company reserves the right to alter this Agreement at any time, with the modified agreement posted on this Website or the updated information sent via another notification.
      The revision of this Agreement will be applied to the users effective the moment the Company posts it on this Website.
    2. Continuing to use this Service following the changes made in this Agreement, the user will be considered to have agreed to it without the ability to take it back.
      The Company cannot notify each user individually of the changes, so please understand there will be a need to check the current version of this Agreement periodically.
  • Ownership of Software Rights, etc.
    • The copyrights, patent rights, other intellectual property rights, as well as all other rights relating to the systems, software, databases, and additional information (including but not limited to those making up the service or provided to users through this Service; collectively referred to as "software") offered by the Company or through Partners (including service providers, booking management providers, as well as third parties providing systems and services that the Company uses to provide this Service; referred to similarly below) via this Service, belong to the Company, Partners, or the original right holders. The user can utilize the software only for this Service by following this Agreement.
  • Intellectual Property
    1. The copyrights, logos, and other intellectual property rights, including trademarks, related to all works or contents (text, images, photos, audio, video, programs, and other derivative works) included in this Service are owned by the Company or the original right holders, and are protected by copyright law, trademark law, and other intellectual property regulations.
    2. The user is to recognize that for this Service, the following actions are determined to be able to infringe upon the trademarks and other intellectual property. They are not to perform actions that infringe upon these rights.
      1. Duplicating the contents received through this Service
      2. Sending or making sending possible service contents in entirety or partially. Also, the distribution, sale, transfer, lease, translation, adaptation, or licensing of content to third parties
      3. Unlocking the technological safeguards, such as limitations to copying and resending, put into effect on the content
      4. Public transmission of the content (sending to the general public)
    3. If a user violates this article and infringes upon the intellectual property rights of the Company or the original right holders, the Company may perform an injunction demand against the copyright infringer. Additionally, the Company may claim any damages incurred or any profits the user gains.
  • Posting Customer Reviews
    1. Members are allowed to post customer reviews on this Website.
    2. The unauthorized reproduction or use of customer reviews from this Website is prohibited. Excepting if by the original poster.
    3. Except for the use by the person who originally posted the customer review and in cases expressly permitted by this Agreement, if a user profits from the use of customer reviews posted on this Website, the Company has the right to demand a monetary amount equivalent to the gained profit from the user.
    4. The Company prohibits the posting of the following customer review types:
      1. Spreading rumors, defaming or slandering specific individuals or groups, or content that causes harm to their business
      2. False content or images (posting content not experienced by the poster personally or unverified content or rumors is prohibited)
      3. Content that damages the reputation or credibility of a third party
      4. Content related to election campaigns, solicitation to religions or specific ideologies, or that which infringes upon any other rights of others
      5. Content reposted from a third-party website or bulletin board, etc. (regardless of the poster holding the copyright or not)
      6. Personal information (including addresses, names, phone numbers, email addresses, or URLs that can identify members, third parties, or other websites)
      7. Malicious slander, defamation, or calls for boycotts against products, services, third parties, restaurants, companies, etc.
      8. Content, such as product advertisement, with the intent to gain profit or that targeted at job-seekers
      9. Indecent, discriminatory, illegal content, content that may cause discomfort to viewers, or content that the Company deems similar to these
      10. Duplicates or multiple posts/images of the same products or services
      11. Content, including large amounts of data, deemed by the Company to be causing excessive burden on the Company servers
      12. Content not objectively based or primarily contains guessing not based on experience
      13. Content or images deemed to be inappropriate for this Website
      14. Other content that may compromise the operation of this site or cause inconvenience to third parties
    5. If a customer review posted by a member violates laws or this Agreement (including cases where the Company deems a violation), or if the Company determines that it is inappropriate for the Website's operation, the Company may delete the review.
      Members give consent in advance that relevant customer reviews may be partially or entirely presented on this Website without any notification to the member.
    6. By posting a customer review on this Website, the member grants the Company or the third parties designated by the Company the right to use the customer review (regardless of purpose) including but not limited to usage, reproduction, performance, playback, screening, public transmission, public transfer, dictation, display, distribution, transfer, lease, translation, adaptation, and creation of derivative works, and the right to modify it (including reauthorization to third parties) within the scope deemed necessary by the Company for business purposes, free of charge and without time limit, without geographic restrictions. The member also agrees not to exercise moral and intellectual property rights (copyrights, design, patent, and utility model rights) related to the customer review.
      If the member withdraws membership, the Company is to delete all customer reviews made by the member from the Website. Additionally, members give consent to this stipulation in advance.
  • The Handling of Content
    1. “Content” per this Agreement includes text, music, images, video, programs, code, or other information. “This content” refers to the content accessible through this Service.
      “Posted content” refers to content saved on the Company servers that members have posted, sent, or uploaded.
      “Publicly posted content” refers to content made viewable or otherwise accessible by other members.
    2. Rights concerning posted content, including publicly posted content, are attributed to the user. The Company will not acquire those rights.
    3. Except with prior approval from the Company and the rights holders of the content, members must not use the content beyond the intended use provided by this Service (including reproduction, transmission, reposting, and modification).
    4. The Company will check posted content to ensure adherence to the laws and this Agreement; the Company is not responsible for such confirmation work, however, it is performed to support the compliance of the laws and agreements.
    5. The Company is not obligated to back up data or content saved on the Company servers. Such backups are strictly the responsibility of the member.
  • The Handling of URL Links
    1. There may be cases where this Website links to other websites or resources, or third-party websites or resources provide links to this Website. The Company is not liable for any trouble or damages brought about by the agreements and activities of third-party website or resource links from this Website.
    2. This site is principally free to link to. However, this does not mean the linked websites and content are recommended by the Company. It also does not imply any special relationship between the Company and the linked websites. Additionally, if the content of the linked website or the linking method falls under any of the following, removal of the link may be requested.
      1. Breaking public order and standards of decency
      2. Content related to crimes and antisocial behavior
      3. Acts similar to or related to pre-election activities or election activities
      4. Religious or ideological content
      5. Slander of third parties
      6. Infringing upon intellectual property rights or privacy rights of third parties
      7. Infringing upon copyrights of third parties
      8. Content for profit or sales
      9. Content conflicting with other laws
      10. All else deemed inappropriate by the Company
  • The Handling of Personal Information
  • Concerning the Usage of Cookies, etc.
    • The Company utilizes Cookies to provide a smoother service for the users.
      The receiving of Cookies may be denied or limited by the user via browser settings, but it may restrict the usability of this Service.
      The Company utilizes the following Cookies with this Service:
      1. Required Cookies
        Cookies that provide functions, such as session management and security, are necessary to utilize this Service.
      2. Functionality Cookies
        Cookies used to remember user choices within this Service's website, providing customized functions based on user preference.
      3. Analytical Cookies
        Cookies used to collect information about the number of visitors to the Service's website, the most frequently viewed pages, and how users are utilizing this Service.
  • Usage Suspension and Termination of the Service Contract
    1. If the Company deems that the user engages in acts falling under the following items (prohibited activities), the Company may suspend the provision of this Service or terminate the Service Contract at any time.
    2. The Company is not liable for any damages incurred to the user or third party in the case of the suspension of service provision or termination of the service contract mentioned above.
  • Prohibited Acts
    1. The user, regarding the use of this Service, is prohibited from performing the following actions or actions deemed by the Company to potentially relate to the following.
      1. Utilizing this Service using a method not recognized by the Company
      2. Using this Service for business purposes
      3. Altering this Service without permission
      4. Unauthorized access of Company servers or computers and the transmission of or installation of harmful computer programs
      5. Acts such as reverse engineering, data compiling, disassembly, and so on
      6. Infringing upon or potentially infringing upon the copyrights, trademark rights, and other intellectual property rights or any other rights or legitimate interests of the Company or third parties (including but not limited to stores) as determined in this section.
      7. Slandering or damaging the reputation, privacy, etc., of the Company or third parties, or having the potential to do so
      8. Sharing documents or diagrams containing information breaking public order and standards of decency
      9. Intentionally registering false information (including but not limited to fictional information not based in reality)
      10. Disruptive behavior to the Company or third parties inducing discomfort and results in disadvantages
      11. Hindering the operation of this Service or acts that damage the trust of the Company, affiliates to the Company, or Partners
      12. Acts linked to criminal activities or acts breaking laws or public order and standards of decency, or those deemed to have the potential of such
      13. Breaking this Agreement or related regulations, or being deemed to do so potentially
      14. Any act, outside of the above, that the Company deems inappropriate to the management of this Service
    2. If, as a result of the actions of a user in violation of the preceding paragraph, the Company or a third party incurs damages, the user must, at their responsibility and expense, compensate for all damages (including reasonable attorney's fees).
  • Disclaimer
    1. The Company does not guarantee that there will be no malfunctions, errors, or disruptions in the provision of this Service, nor does it ensure that emails, web content, and so on transmitted in connection with this Service are free from harmful things such as computer viruses.
    2. The information regarding the restaurants and food experiences provided by this Service is the service provider's responsibility. The Company does not guarantee any aspect of the information provided by this Service, including accuracy, currency, completeness, usefulness, suitability for a particular purpose, safety, legality, or truthfulness.
    3. The Company does not guarantee that the contents of this Service will meet the user's expectations.
    4. The user will use this Service upon prior approval of potentially being unable to partially or entirely use this Service due to communication environment issues. The Company is not responsible or liable for any damages caused by a decrease in the display speed or disruption of this Service due to factors such as excessive access or other unforeseen circumstances.
    5. The Company is not liable for any damages to the user due to virus damage that cannot be prevented by standard security measures, damage caused by natural disasters, stoppage of social infrastructure such as power and communication services, and other reasons not attributable to the Company.
  • Prohibition of the Transfer of Rights and Obligations
    • The user can only assign or succeed the position under this Service Contract or the rights or obligations based on the position to a third party or make it available for collateral with prior written consent from the Company.
  • Notification Method
    • Based on this Agreement, user notices will be sent via posting on the Website, email, or another method deemed appropriate by the Company.
  • Elimination of Anti-Social Forces
    1. The user guarantees that they are not a member of an organized crime group, an associate member or quasi-member of an organized crime group, a company associated with an organized crime group, a corporate racketeering organization, a rogue person or group advocating a social or political movement, a special intelligence violence group, or any other similar entity. The user also guarantees to refrain from engaging in violent acts, fraudulent or coercive activities, obstruction of business, or any other illegal activities in the future.
    2. If a user violates the terms of the previous paragraph, the Company may take measures such as suspending the user's use of this Service or deleting their membership without prior notice. The Company is not liable for any damages or disadvantages incurred to the user by this.
  • Agreement Jurisdiction
    • The exclusive agreement jurisdictional court for the first instance of disputes arising in connection with this Agreement or the Service Contract shall be the Tokyo District Court or the Tokyo Summary Court. The judgment of the jurisdiction will be enforceable in any country.
  • Applicable Law
    • This Agreement complies with and will be interpreted by Japanese Law.