Tsukiji Fish Market

  • Tokyo : Tsukiji・Tsukishima
  • Hosted by Ninja Food Tours / 株式会社チドリアシ
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    Japanese, English
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    2 ~ 6 guests
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Discover food, history and culture at the world's largest fish market in Tokyo.
Enjoy the variety of gourmet foods offered at the market.


The Tsukiji Fish Market has been feeding the people of Tokyo since 1935 and until recently was the largest fish market in the world.
Due to the very old building, the Tokyo Metropolitan Government announced in early 2018 that the market would be relocated, eventually moving to the new Toyosu Market building in October 2018, making Toyosu the new largest fish market.
The Tsukiji market consists of two areas, the inner market and the outer market, and although the inner market has moved to Toyosu, the outer market still remains.

In-bay Fish Market - Toyosu
Approximately 700 wholesalers operate daily in the in-house market.
They are [middlemen], but they play a major role for restaurants and hotels in terms of selecting quality fish and setting appropriate prices.
Without them, fresh tuna sushi would be hard to find in Tokyo.

The market floor in Toyosu is closed to visitors except for the upper observation deck, where visitors can watch the tuna auctions through glass.
This allows wholesalers to go about their business uninterrupted, while visitors can see the excitement from above and marvel at the vast quantities of fish laid out before them.

The Toyosu Market has three main buildings: one for the tuna and other fish auctions, one for other fresh seafood, and one for produce.
There you can see many different kinds of fish.

Outer Market - Tsukiji
The Outer Market section is not scheduled to be relocated, but is geared toward retailers and tourists.
If you have ever seen pictures of a fish market, this is probably where you are.
However, do not underestimate it just because it is a "tourist" area, as these retailers sell the same quality fish as the in-house market.

Tsukiji is an important place that supports Tokyo's rich food culture.
It also has a lot of history and stories to tell.
On our fish market tour, you will see and learn about the history and operation of the fish market.
We also carefully select tasting locations to provide you with the best time and food that only Tsukiji can offer.
It is often a challenge to navigate on your own, so our guides are here to help.

Ready to explore?

Meeting place

3-9 Tsukiji, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
We will meet at Tsukiji Station.

Host Information

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Ninja Food Tours / 株式会社チドリアシ
19-21, Nishi-Shinjuku 7-chome Shinjuku Ward Tokyo


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